Sun Prairie School District Professional Development, Monday February 25, 2013

nongender grouping picIt was such a pleasure to engage so many of the Sun Prairie school district’s support staff in deeper dialogue about gender, sexuality and how to support these aspects of every student’s identity,  It was truly an honor to facilitate the beginning of the process of evaluating the many ways in which schools can support at-risk youth with such a dedicated and intelligent group of individuals.  I hope you found our work together as enlightening as I did!

Below are some additional resources you might find beneficial as you continue down this path as a community.

Here are some Tips for supporting LGBTQ Youth and parents

Here some ways in which you can work on creating a more supportive school climate in addition to a list of resources that will also serve you in pursuit of this long term goal.  I cannot recommend my colleagues at GSAFE enough!

Creating Supportive Environments plus resources links

Lastly, here is a revised copy of the handout on some of the most salient findings from the National YRBS data (YRBS comparison data).  Find the full report, here (National YRBS comparisons of heterosexual vs same-sex youth).

Thanks again for your time and attention.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought!


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